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This table represents the current contents on WriteLikeAMadman, the most complete Online Marketing Resource specifically designed for small business Entrepreneurs.  Content is added periodically so there may be slight differences between the website and this table at times.
WLAM – Write Like A MADMAN And Make Money Like Crazy  (13 Videos + Audio + Transcripts)  A Comprehensive Home-study tutorial with dozens of supporting guides, lists, templates, and articles so you get it right.   (Includes Redical WebPower and the Marketing Toolbox)MEDIA
1- Introduction – General Overview and Strategy (FREE PREVIEW) Video
2- Use the Correct Psychological Approach – Is Intellectual or Emotional Best For You?Video
3- Create Your Unique Message – The most Important Writing You Will Ever Do.Video
4- Structure Your Message for MAXIMUM Impact.  Get More Sales and Conversions (Pt I)Video
5- Structure Your Message for MAXIMUM Impact.  Get More Sales and Conversions (Pt II)Video
6- How To Write Dynamite Sales Copy (Pt I)Video
7- How To Write Dynamite Sales Copy (Pt II)Video
8- Advanced Copywriting Techniques.  Learn the Secrets of the World’s Best CopywritersVideo
9- How To Write Emails and Blogs.  Content, content, content – and a great Email ListVideo
10- Layout and Design – Use the right design to make prospects WANT to buy from you.Video
11- The Influencers.  Work of the greatest copywriters of all time, The Madmen.Video
12- Small Business Real-World Examples.  See how other businesses your size have met the challenge.Video
13- Recap and Review.  Just watch and listen to Paul Levno on the piano, while you soak it all in.Video
Bonus Audio Set – Listen to the 13 Lessons anywhere.  Mix your learning and leisure.Audio
Word-For-Word Transcripts of Lessons 1-12 (Video and/or Audio)Transcript
RADICAL WEBPOWER – Build A World-Class Website
Radical WebPower – A radical Website Rehab.  (Included with WLAM Subscription)  A total departure from the “pretty picture/ugly results” school of web design and content.  RWP was formulated and tested for over a year.  These Write Like A Madman formulas and techniques can produce more time-on-site, conversions and sales.  In other words – Results! (2 Videos, 4 Guides, Transcripts of Videos, + Bonus)MEDIA
1- The 7-Inch Solution – Little Known Formula Revealed.  Make the Above The Fold area of your homepage truly effective.  Cut Bounce Rate.Mktg Guide
2- 13 Essentials Your Website Absolutely, Positively Must Have To Win (Video Pt I)Video
3- 13 Essentials Your Website Absolutely, Positively Must Have To Win (Video Pt II)Video
4- Features Benefits, & Satisfactions. Know the differences and help your customers improve their lives.Mktg Guide
5- Look & Flow Small Business Website Template  The techniques and formulas guaranteed to make your webite better in so many ways.Mktg Guide
6- Colors & Your Website – A Psychological Approach.  Best color scheme for your industry, customers, and action buttons.Mktg Guide
Bonus – How To Write Max Impact Emails and Sales Letters.  Get more opens and conversions and stay away from the “Spam Police”.Mktg Guide
Write Like A Madman Online Marketing Toolbox  (included with full WLAM Subscription)
Copywriting How-To’s & StrategyMEDIA
33 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Okay The Release Of Your Marketing PieceMktg Guides
45 MoneyWords For Kick-Ass ResultsMktg Guides
13 Rules When Writing For PrintTips & Lists
15 Rules For Writing A Press ReleaseTips & Lists
17 Marketing Mistakes Small Businesses Make All Too OftenTips & Lists
20 Commandments For Wannabe CopywritersMktg Guides
23 Easy Ways To Increase Selling PowerTips & Lists
25 Most Impactful Words In Marketing TodayTips & Lists
25 Overused, Meaningless, Trite And Hackneyed Cliches Nobody BelievesTips & Lists
39 Powerful Headline MoneyWordsTips & Lists
49 Recommended Fonts For Best ReadabilityTips & Lists
“Cut The Word Count” TestTips & Lists
Headline Power GuideMktg Guides
How To Write Max Impact Sales Letters And EmailsMktg Guides
John Boyens’ Credibility Letter TemplateMktg Guides
Make It MemorableMktg Guides
The Final 15 – Check ListTips & Lists
10 Fascinating Facts About HeadlinesTips & Lists
35 Sure-Fire Formulas For Attention Grabbing HeadlinesTips & Lists
False Alarm HeadlinesTips & Lists
19 Savvy Techniques For Headlines That SellMktg Guides
99 Best Money Making Headlines Of All TimeMktg Guides
Are You An Entrepreneur Or A Copywriter?Blog Article
Better Writing = Better ResultsBlog Article
Copywriting Is Critical To Your Business SuccessBlog Article
“Don’t Write So That You Can Be Understood; Write So That You Can’t Be Misunderstood”Blog Article
Good Copywriters Sometimes Break The Rules – Intentionally!Blog Article
How To Sell Your Product With A StoryBlog Article
I Am A CopywriterBlog Article
K.I.S.S. CopyBlog Article
The Copywriters Secret:  The AIDA CodeBlog Article
The Copywriter’s Three C’s Of Effective CommunicationBlog Article
Use Simple Words, Short Sentences For Copy That WorksBlog Article
Use These MoneyWords For Kick-Ass ResultsBlog Article
Write ConversationallyBlog Article
Learn The Secrets Of The World’s Best CopywritersBlog Article
Clear, Concise & ConversationalVideo
Copywriters’ AIDA CodeVideo
Marketing MessageMEDIA
Taglines: 3 Second BrandingMktg Guides
If your business is so great…PROVE IT!Mktg Guides
The Better Elevator Pitch (Video)Mktg Guides
25 Types Of Evidence To Prove Your ExcellenceTips & Lists
The Differentiation MatrixTips & Lists
Psychological Approach WorksheetTips & Lists
13 How-To’s You Need To Know To Market Your Small BusinessMktg Guides
Be Different From Your Competitors In At Least One Meaningful Way!Blog Article
It’s What You SayBlog Article
Taglines – Why You Need ‘Em And How To Create ‘EmBlog Article
Create Message FirstVideo
Differentiation In MarketingVideo
Give The Customers What They WantVideo
USP – Unique Selling PropositionVideo
Marketing, Website, & Branding StrategyMEDIA
Features, Benefits & SatisfactionsMktg Guides
How To Be A Trade Show Pro – Even The Very First TimeMktg Guides
How To Sell A High Value ServiceMktg Guides
Synch Your INSIDE Reality & OUTSIDE Perception  (Audio + Transcript)Mktg Guides
Change Their Lives – Even For a DayBlog Article
Continually Educate Your Customers And ProspectsBlog Article
Don’t Be FickleBlog Article
Don’t Copy The Mega-MarketersBlog Article
Money vs MessageBlog Article
Success In Marketing Depends On Your Answer To This One QuestionBlog Article
The “Ahhh” That RefreshesBlog Article
The A/B Ruse – Consumer Taste Test Bias UnmaskedBlog Article
“To Sound Like An Expert – Hire One!”Blog Article
Virtually Free Market Research For Small BusinessesBlog Article
Idiots, Maniacs, George Carlin & MeBlog Article
Don’t Redesign Your Website – Radically Rehab It For More Sales And ConversionsBlog Article
Writing Web Content?  Do These 3 Things.Blog Article
Marketing Has Two FunctionsVideo
Clearing The Final Hurdle – Motivate & ReassureMEDIA
5 Steps To More Clicks From Your CTAsMktg Guides
5 Now Offers That Fall Flat And 5 That Work Like A CharmMktg Guides
9 Set-Their-Minds-At-Ease Risk ReducersMktg Guides
10 Compelling Future OffersMktg Guides
Do You IGNORE 94% of Your Prospects?Mktg Guides
Take Away The Risks Of Buying And Make More SalesBlog Article
Tip 59 Incentivize & Motivate
Write Like A Madman General Marketing Information & TipsMEDIA
Marketing For Smarties 101Mktg Guides
5 Fatal Blunders Guaranteed To Send Your Prospects PackingMktg Guides
9 Reasons Why Marketing Fails  (Audio + pdf )Mktg Guides
15 Action Steps Vital To Small Business SuccessMktg Guides
17 Marketing Mistakes Small Business Make All Too OftenTips & Lists
39 Timeless Marketing Rules From The MADMENMktg Guides
84 Proven Ways To PUMP UP Your MarketingMktg Guides
13 Books That If You Haven’t Read You’re DeadTips & Lists
45 Truths About FranchisingMktg Guides
7 Truths About Creativity In MarketingBlog Article
Advertising On Radio?  Do These 5 Things FirstBlog Article
“Are You Ready To Buy Yet?”Blog Article
Are You Training Your Customers NOT To Buy?Blog Article
Big Fish Little Pond; Little Fish Big PondBlog Article
God Bless All Bedrock EntrepreneursBlog Article
If You Don’t Have A Website – Get One Now!Blog Article
Techies Can’t Write; Writers Can’t TechBlog Article
Which Is More Honest – Political or Commercial Advertising?Blog Article
45 Truths About FranchisingBlog Article
TWIZDOMS – Marketing Wisdom In Twitter-Sized BitesBlog Article
What Are Your Marketing GoalsVideo
The One Thing That Will Improve Your Marketing Results Faster, Better, And Cheaper Than Anything Else You Can DoVideo
[NOTE: Write Like A Madman also contains over 215 TWIZDOMS™ and  Quotes that are not listed individually]

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