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This site is dedicated to small business entrepreneurs, copywriters and Non-Profit Leaders.

People I admire. I love your Courage, your Knowledge, and your Passion. Courage to take a risk.  Knowledge of your product or service. Passion to help others through your organization. Write Like A Madman University is my way of helping you achieve success as you define it.

Write Like A Madman University (WLAM U) is your personal “How-To” resource. Discover the techniques, strategies, and secrets for getting better results from your websites, landing pages, ads, emails, letters, and much more. It’s all original content, written or edited by me, after a lifetime of experience.

I want entrepreneurs, non-profit leaders and copywriters everywhere to “learn and prosper” in their chosen fields.

Who Profits From A Write Like A Madman University Membership?

Small Business Owners and Marketers – especially those with a business website who want to learn the skills that will boost their business and save them money.

Wannabe Better Copywriters interested in discovering how to apply the Techniques and Secrets of the World’s Best Copywriters for better results and ROI.

Coaches, Advisors, and Web Designers who want to upgrade their skills to better help their clients succeed.



What Our Members Say

"All Copywriters Must Understand Business, And All
Businesspersons Should Learn Some Copywriting"

You don’t have to be satisfied with the choice between meager results or spending huge bucks on overpriced consultants who guarantee nothing.  Or with buying more and more ads that may bring in more leads - but at the same high cost per lead.  Unacceptable.

     Imagine...being able to create a unique, powerful Marketing Message. And having the skills to boost contributions or volunteers with compelling headlines, taglines, and content for your website, brochures, landing pages, emails, sales letters, press releases, blogs, mailers, social media posts, and public relations.

     Imagine...having the skills to layout your website professionally, using Logical Thought Sequencing, Eye-Tracker placement, and proper CTA timing.  You get Effectiveness on Steroids!

     Imagine...seeing positive results, with a significant boost in your top-line performance. And do it without increasing your marketing budget by one thin dime.

This could be you, when you enroll in Write Like A Madman University.

Sounds Great...But What's It Cost?

OK…this is where loads of “marketers” try to impress you with the “Incredible” Value you’re getting. (Here’s a dirty little secret, incredible means “not to be believed”.)

“A $789 value – yours for $49.”  “A $22,458 value, for only $2995.” Or “A $39,550 value for only $3997”. Who really believes any of this?  

I prefer to deal in Real Value.

For instance, I hold two-day workshops in Write Like A Madman (And Make Money Like Crazy).  Private sessions are $2,900; Group sessions are $1750.  And…that doesn’t include my second Signature Course, Radical WebPower.

SPECIAL BONUS - Radical WebPower (RWP) is now INCLUDED FREE with all three Master Plans - YOU SAVE $396.

I place the Real Value of what you get with your Lifetime subscription at  $2,341 ($1750 + $396 for RWP + $195 for the Coaching Zoom session). YOU SAVE A MINIMUM OF 50% with package pricing. (Limited time special offer...just sayin'.)

And remember, I’m just an email away if you have questions or need some personal assistance or mentoring.

But Saving Money Alone Is NOT A Good Enough Reason To Subscribe

Just because something is a great “deal” is not a reason to buy, unless the benefits you will receive far outweigh the cost.  This is something I teach wannabe copywriters.The Buyers should always ask themselves, “What’s In It For Me?”

The answer with WLAM U courses, training, and toolboxes is easy.  You’ll be a more effective, professional, and thereby, successful copywriter, marketer, or “outreacher” (I made up this last word – copywriter’s license : ).

Your organization will benefit from your enhanced skills and your ability to generate more sales by knowing how to use words and images to communicate value.

How Do I Get Started?

Look at the Price Plans below.  Pick the plan that best suits your needs.  And remember…it’s a lifetime enrollment paid in12 interest-free monthly installments PLUS my personal 100% satisfaction, 30-day, money-back Guarantee.  AND...you can CANCEL ANYTIME. (see Guarantee page for full details without the legal mumbo-jumbo)

So, really, what have you got to lose?  Enroll now.

To Get Master
To Get Master
To Get The Whole

Learn and Prosper,

PS – Will Write Like A Madman University help make you a better marketer and a Darn Good Copywriter? I absolutely believe it will.
With WLAM U online Courses, you can easily earn or save many times the entire lifetime cost of the WLAM U programs.