Why Franchisors Fail

6 Reasons Why Franchisors Fail

Why Franchisors Fail is a hotly debated issue in this industry.  Money, Arrogance, Greed and Unjustified Expectations are often at the core.

Thinking of franchising your business?  We’ve seen many companies succeed and some fail.  Virtually all franchisors that don’t make it commit one (and usually more) of these six fatal, but avoidable, errors.

  1. The franchise concept is flawed.
  2. Franchisor lacks a simple, compelling, easy-to-remember message.
  3. Franchisors are not franchising experts, but they act like they are.
  4. Their budget is unrealistic.
  5. They lack a professional sales program and materials.
  6. They are blissfully unprepared for the unforeseen.

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