To Perform Like A Marketing Expert-Hire One

Bring in an Outside Marketing Expert to do special things.  They have all the knowledge and talent that payroll employees don’t  – at far less than an employee costs.

Harry Beckwith, award winning marketing author and speaker, has it right. “If you want to sound like an expert – hire one!”  This is true not only for high-profile CEOs but even more so for forward-thinking Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs.  Marketing is a multi-faceted discipline and few, if any, are experts at all, or even most of them.  Choose the right Marketing Expert or Advisor for your specific need.

Are You An Entrepreneur or a Copywriter?

Whenever you put yourself or your company out to the public, via websites, brochures, advertisements, sales calls, networking events, etc., you want to put your best foot forward.  And that foot is your Unique Branding Message.

Too often, entrepreneurs decide that since they’re experts in their particular business, they are equally a marketing expert when it comes to communicating the messages that make prospects and customers sit up, take notice and listen.

Unfortunately, this is far from the truth.

But Just To Help You Along

Get a jump on your Website, Marketing, and Copywriting with my FREE Check List, 15 Action Steps Vital To Small Business Success.  This way, if you need a Marketing Expert, you’ll know what to task them with.

It costs less than you might think and it will return dividends for years.

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Many business owners need help in crafting their branding statements, advertising, online web copywriting and content, press releases and the like.  I encourage you to find a good branding strategy consultant/professional copywriter who can take what’s in your heart and your head and put it in a way that will let you reach your goal of educating your prospects, allowing them to conclude they would have to be raving lunatics if they didn’t do business with you.  If you’re looking for a good online digital copywriting course, kindly check out Write Like A Madman And Make Money Like Crazy, my 13-Video, 41-piece multi-media tutorial.  Click here to watch the first video Free.

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