One Costly Marketing Mistake

Finding and fixing this one costly marketing mistake could boost the effectiveness of your marketing and advertising tremendously

This one costly mistake robs your marketing and advertising of selling power

It cuts your returns by 30% or more.  This one mistake costs you in time, in money, and in lost sales.

This one costly mistake costs you customers

It turns prospects that need your product or service into “No thank you’s” in the blink of an eye.  This mistake is committed by tens of thousands of otherwise exemplary small businesses, yet it very easily (and inexpensively) remedied.  So enough talking – what is it?

“It” is a wrong-headed mindset

This mindset that probably runs through most of your marketing tools – websites, advertisements, brochures, maybe even your elevator pitch.

  • This mindset stems from your belief that your business offers a tremendous value to your customers (a very good thing).
  • It contains a little bit of ego and a whole lot of pride (more good things).
  • It is found most commonly in small businesses that write their own marketing material.  Although professional agencies and copywriters are not immune from falling under its spell.
  • It is the sin of focusing all those marketing tools on telling the story of “How great thou art” rather than communicating the ways in which you make your customers’ lives better.
  • Further, it is the sin on focusing your attention on the means of communicating your message, rather than the message itself.

Remember always, it’s not about you; it’s about your customer.

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