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Write Like A Madman University provides you with the perfect blend of ”How-To” Tutorials/Courses and a Marketing Toolbox overflowing with hundreds of quick-access guides, check lists, templates, tips, videos, audios, and TWIZDOMS™ to help you get your marketing right every time. So, let’s grab a look at the first video session of my Signature 13-Video, 31-piece, Tutorial/Course, Write Like A Madman (And Make Money Like Crazy). Watch it now and then we’ll talk turkey.
This is the first of 13 Video Sessions of our Signature Copywriting and Strategy Tutorial/Course, Write Like A Madman (And Make Money Like Crazy)

Become Your Own Marketing Expert

Imagine being able to create a unique, powerful Marketing Message. And having the skill to improve your results with compelling headlines, taglines, and content for your website, brochures, landing pages, sales letters, press releases, blogs, mailers, social media posts, and ads. Imagine seeing the positive result it has on sales. This could be you when you enroll in Write Like A Madman University

You Will Learn How To:

…and much, much more

Sounds Great…But What’s It Cost?

OK…here’s where loads of marketers try to impress you with the “Incredible” Value you’re getting (here’s a dirty little secret, incredible means “not to be believed”). “A $22,458 value, for only $599.” Then, they add more to the package and it becomes, “A $39,550 value for only $997”. Who really believes any of this?

All Inclusive, 100% Original, Marketing Resource Designed For Small Business

With Write Like A Madman
University You Get!

You get it all for one low price

Both Tutorial/Courses PLUS the extensive Marketing Toolbox… The “VALUE” is the cost of the individual pieces in each package.

Write Like A Madman (And Make Money Like Crazy)…………  $297 (Value $2018)

Radical WebPower (Website Power Formula) ……………………… $ 99 (Value $253)

310+ piece University Toolbox upgrade …………………………….. $ 99 (Value $1278)

(Value $3549)

Your Total Cost for Write Like A Madman U.
All-Inclusive, Lifetime Subscription, 24/7 Access
This Special $99 OFF Price is for the next 99 subscribers only.


AND…You can choose our interest-free 4-Payment Plan, only $99/month

Will Write Like A Madman University help you boost your clicks, conversions, and
customers? I believe it absolutely will. One significant change in your website, email campaign. or ads can easily bring you many times more than the entire
lifetime cost of WLAM U.

And with our 30-Day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee…well, what have you really got
to lose? Click the red button to get immediate access to Write Like A Madman

Learn and Prosper,

Alan Tarr
Founder and Chief Content Officer

PS– Remember, if you want to continue to struggle, don’t change a thing. If, however, you want to make more sales, more money and have the life you want and deserve – become a part of Write Like A Madman
University today. Do it now, while you’re thinking about it and start boosting your business right away.

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