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The 1 Thing That Will Improve Your Results - FREE

Short but critical video spells out the first thing you absolutely need to know about marketing. You may be surprised.

2 Types of Marketing – Strategic & Tactical - FREE

Two types of marketing, but only one of them is fundamental to your success.  Find out which one and why.


13 Books If Your Haven’t Read, You’re Dead - FREE

Learn from them that succeeded.  Here are 13 books packed with information from people that did it right, time and again.

10 Fascinating Facts About Headlines - FREE

Five times more people read headlines than read body copy.  This mean your headline is 5 times more critical to success.  Knowing this, wouldn't you want to give yourself an edge when writing headlines for your website, ads, or Emails?

9 “Set Their Minds At Ease” Risk Reducers

When prospects don't know you or have any experience doing business with you, they feel nervous.  To calm their anxieties, use these good, proven Risk Reducers for a more sales and happier customers.

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13 Rules When Writing For Print Media

Make your marketing pieces and ads look better, read better and get better results.

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The Final 15 – Copywriter’s Check List

Before you send anything out run it through this short Check List.  It’ll save you headaches down the line.

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23 Easy Was To Increase Selling Power

Remember:  You can never bore someone into buying from you, you can only INTEREST them.  These techniques will help.

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25 Most Impactful Words In Marketing Today

Some words and phrases just exude power while others are what I call weakling words.  Now you'll know the difference.

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25 Types Of Evidence To Prove Your Excellence

One way to set your company apart is by citing compelling evidence that will help shape the perception of the buyer.

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25 Overused, Meaningless Clichés

I NEVER want to see or hear any of these words or phrases again.  Unfortunately I will - multiple times - but hopefully not from you.

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33 Point Website Self Evaluation

An Advanced list for checking your website to make sure it's as effective as it can be.

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49 Recommended Fonts For Best Readability

You can write truly wonderful copy and still lose your readers by choosing the wrong font (typeface). Now you can avoid that.

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The “Cut The Word Count” Test

See if you can shorten these phrases without lessening understanding.  This skill will make your readers more likely to take the action you want them to take.

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Synch Your Inside Reality & Outside Perception - Audio

Every business has two sides - Inside Reality and Outside Perception.  Understanding the difference and making sure the two are in line is crucial.

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Caution: False Alarm Headlines

Are your Headlines and Images directly RELEVANT to your product or service?  If there's a disconnect you could be losing sales and chasing away your real prospects.

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The Differentiation Matrix Template

Use this template as a guide to develop your company's differentiating statements and USPs.  Remember, "The first step to greatness is to be different.

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