I’ll Trade This Helpful Info For Your E-Mail Address

“Hey!  Psst!  Yeah, you.  I’ll trade you this helpful info for your Email address.  That’s right, free and without obligation.  You’ll get my weekly emails, called Tuesday TWIZDOMS, and you can unsubscribe from my Opt-In List any time you get a notion.  Yes, that’s true…so, what have you got to lose?”

Why do I do it?  Well, it’s the smart thing to do…and because it’s the best way to meet and start a conversation with small business entrepreneurs (my “garden spot” client).   I want to help improve their businesses and their lives with my marketing, website, copywriting, branding, and advertising Guides, Lists, Tutorials, etc.  May sound sappy, but it’s true.  It’s what I think all marketers should aspire to.

Now, Let’s Talk About YOUR Website

  • Does it have a free offer of helpful information?
  • Can your reader download it within a minute with minimal clicks?
  • Is your website secure?

If not, you’re missing the boat.

Build Your Email List The Right Way – By Helping Your Future Customers

One of the most important reasons you have a website is so you can say, “ I’ll trade you this helpful info for your Email address”.  Then you have your visitors’ contact information so you can communicate with them later, as I do.  Build an “opt-in” list of folks who voluntarily give you their e-mails to get something from you (that valuable free gift).

Identify what your prospects want (usually information) and offer it to them free.  Remember, only about 6% of your prospects are in the “buy” mode at any one time.  Most are in the process of gathering information upon which to make their decision.  If you’re the one that supplies them with that good and helpful information, it makes sense that they’ll consider you when it comes to to buy.

But what can you offer the?  C’mon, be a little creative.  Put yourself in their shoes.  What would you want?

To kick-start your brain, here’s a few opt-in offers my clients (and I) have used.

  • Guide To Bass Fishing In The Rockies (Boat Dealer)
  • Savvy Consumers Guide To Auto Repair (Auto Repair Referral Service)
  • Home Water System Buyers Guide (Water System Manufacturer)
  • 84 Proven Ways To Pump Up Your Marketing (Me)

Not only will you have prospect e-mails, but also the guides contain both subtle and overt selling statements from the “authors”.

Advertising and Marketing strategists write these guides and white papers for their clients all the time.  It’s one of the most valuable – and long-lasting tools we create.

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