The #1 Reason Small
Businesses Lose Sales Is
The Lack Of A
Powerful Marketing

Get The Clicks, Conversions
And Sales You Deserve

Write Like A Madman is the most complete online marketing resource and toolbox
specifically designed for small business entrepreneurs

Discover How To Craft And Structure Hi-Impact, Hi-Return Marketing

I ❤ Entrepreneurs

This site is dedicated to small business entrepreneurs and marketers. People I admire. I love your Courage, your Knowledge, and your Passion. Write Like A Madman is my way of helping you achieve success.

Write Like A Madman is your personal marketing how-to toolbox of techniques, strategies, and secrets for getting better results from your websites, landing pages, ads, emails, and much more. It’s all original content, written or edited by me, and not available elsewhere. I want small business entrepreneurs everywhere to “learn and prosper”.

Alan Tarr, Creator of Write Like A Madman

My Story

My name is Alan Tarr, Chief Content Officer of Write Like A Madman, and I ❤ to write. I’ve written jokes for TV (Merv Griffin Show), song parodies for MAD Magazine (another tie-in to the “Madman” title), and even wrote and published four songs of my own. Mostly though, I’ve spent over 30 years writing dynamic marketing and conversion copy for clients large and small. I started at a top-five Madison Avenue ad agency, and authored four books on marketing, branding and copywriting.

One day it hit me…I was making other people millions but being paid peanuts. Right then and there, I became a small business entrepreneur wannabe. Since that time I founded and marketed four businesses of my own. Happily and Successfully.

Since 2002, I’ve worked with or trained over 3,000 small business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers in the practices and techniques I learned and honed as a copywriter and business owner. Today, I send over 620 free Tuesday TWIZDOMS™ quick-read tip sheets to help my friends.

This Program Works

We tried out my Small Business Know-How branding, copywriting, principles and techniques on some of my clients and their results were nothing short of amazing. Increases ranged from 15% to 100% and more. Just from knowing which words and images to use and not use, and how to put it all together.

Then I learned something totally unexpected. When entrepreneurs are equipped with the tools and techniques of branding and messaging, the passion that’s in their hearts and in their heads comes shining through and produces some of the most compelling marketing you can imagine.

I invite you to watch the first video of Write Like A Madman And Make Money Like Crazy absolutely FREE. In this 13-minute session, you’ll start on your way to increased responses, conversions and sales by learning to apply the Secrets Of The World’s Best Copywriters. Just click on the button, below.

With my program you can:

Boost Results 30%, 50%, 100% or more without adding a dime to your marketing budget… and be on your way to having the life you always wanted.
[Note: I named our site in honor and respect for the heads of the great agencies I learned from and wrote for. The people who were the inspiration for the hit TV series, “Madmen”.]

What Our Clients Say

YES! I’d love to receive free marketing, messaging, and branding information weekly from Write Like A MADMAN. Each issue of our Tuesday TWIZDOMS includes two quick impact Twizdoms and a link to your Article of the Week.

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YES! I’d love to receive free marketing, messaging, and branding information weekly from Write Like A MADMAN. Each issue of our Tuesday TWIZDOMS includes two quick impact Twizdoms and a link to your Article of the Week.
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