Effectiveness On Steroids

Write Like A Madman University

Because It's A Complete, Effective, & Easy Tool

COMPLETE – Original Copywriting, Marketing. and Website Science & Strategy courses each give you dozens of our Multi-Media Guides – Videos, Audios, PDFs, Case Studies, Templates, InfoGraphics, and Specialized Know-How, from basic to advanced. AND you get personal coaching from Alan & Ed included.

COMPLETE –24/7/365 access to all courses and materials in your “Major” – plus any new materials we add.  And for just a little more, you can get lifetime access to all 3 “Majors” – everything in the University.

EFFECTIVE -- Power up your message and structure to get better results per dollar spent. You'll learn to Harness the Power of Words and Images and boost your Effectiveness – measured as Cost per Lead or Return on Marketing Investment. A study by the Wharton School of Business of the U of Pennsylvania concluded the “Best results are inextricably linked to your message”, not how much money you spend.

EFFECTIVE – You learn faster thanks to crisp, clear, concise writing, supported by over 410 illustrations, charts, case studies that bring the facts to life. Implement these systems and reach “Effectiveness Squared”.

EFFECTIVE – You get consistent, relevant information from one master source, instead of from a hodgepodge of authors who often give you unnecessary, or conflicting information which adds confusion.

EASY – Learn Your Way.  We understand different people learn in different ways, so you’ll find our “Know-How, How-To” information enhanced with videos, audios, illustrations, charts and real-world examples.  Need help. We’re here.

EASY – Save time and frustration. Unlike other sites, you can find the exact topic or session you’re looking for in seconds with our Dashboard, Course, Tutorial, and Toolbox menus.  No massive scrolling or surfing through videos. 


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