7 Steps To A Compelling Marketing Message

What in the world does an orange have to do with an article about a killer marketing message?

If your business survives on selling goods or services – pretty much everyone – you need to develop a compelling marketing message.  Not for just the marketing and sales staff or the owner.  But for everyone.  Make it short.  Make it simple.  And make it true.  Here are seven steps you can take now to develop a killer marketing message for your business.  Don’t try to do it all yourself, get input from your friends, family, and most importantly, your staff.

Differentiate Your Brand From Competitors With A Short, Powerful Marketing Message

  • Determine in what meaningful way(s) you are different from your competition (Unique Selling Proposition or USP) and what hard evidence you have to prove it.  And if you think you can’t differentiate – think again.  Sunkist created a huge business because they could differentiate a Sunkist orange from all the other oranges in the world. So don’t tell me your business can’t differentiate itself.  Acceptance of the brand grew and customers associated the Sunkist brand with quality.  Now, Sunkist has licensed its name to other companies, like Coca Cola.  What a great brand can do.

Know WHY, Specifically, Your Customers Buy From YOU

  • “If you want to know why John Smith buys what John Smith buys, you need to see the world through John Smith’s eyes.”  If you don’t know the answer to why they buy from you, here’s a novel marketing idea.  Ask them.  And believe them.

Create A Marketing Message For Each Differentiating Point

  • Craft a succinct, effective, “killer” message for each differentiating factor.

Clearly State Your Value Proposition

  • Develop a list of significant benefits that your customers get from buying your product (also known as the Value Proposition).

“Grease The Skids” – Make It Easy To Do Business With You

  • Develop at least 2 motivating offers for “Now Buyers”.  At least one offer must be “discount-free”.
  • Develop at least one education-based offer aimed at “Future Buyers”.
  • Determine at least two ways to lessen the risk of doing business with you.

Once you’ve all agreed on the nuts and bolts of your marketing messages, turn it into a series of statements everyone can easily memorize and use (over and over again) with your customers, prospects, vendors and friends until everyone knows why they’d be an absolute fool not to do business with you.

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